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Apr. 7th, 2009





Damn! I can't believe I've seriously been off of here for what...OMGEIGHTMONTHSWHAT?!?! LOL!
And I even got an e-mail notification back in like, Feb that my paid account was expiring..
Yeah..whoops. *snort*

Anyway, WOW. I have a lot to fill you guys in on.

I'll keep it brief so we can move forward though, okay? lol!

October 08 - 4 month anniversary of the guy I'd been dating. I ended up breaking it off with him just before mid-month because he was getting distant and I take distance without explanation as a BAD sign. School was tough. Five classes, two english classes and a language course was freaking HARD!

November 08 - Guy comes back, begging, both of us torn up, and Kayli, like an idiot, takes him back. xP School royally kicking my ass, but I'm holding my head above the water!
Tank was finally given a new home with a dealership and I cruised out of the Mazda dealership with a new 2008 Mazda3.

Her name is Huntress. :D

Uhhhhmmm...KaseyHeartsEdward flew in from Cali and she and I drove up to Nashville to go to the Twilight Lexicon Movie Party. We met up with Pel again and I fangirl-ed over meeting Alphie for the first time. LOL!!! It was a really fun weekend! :D

Yes, we really did decorate a rental car. ;D

Because we're dorks and Twilight oldies, we decided to poke fun at Emmett and Rosalie...LOL!!

December 08 - I SURVIVED FINALS!!!!! LOL!!! They were HARD and hit me all at once! I had professors change their final exam dates and times, and even had a professor change her final paper due date. Yeah...THAT was fun. I ended up pulling an all-nighter just to write it and finish it so I could knock it out. UGH. NEVER. AGAIN. S'all I'm sayin.

January 2009 - HAPPYNEWYEARS!!!!
I got screwed over again by GSU. They seem to enjoy doing this to me, or at least, that's the gyst that I'm started to get from them. Ended up having to take another semester off of school because this time, I couldn't get my classes back in time.
Guy and I broke up for good. He came home from Paris after spending a month there over the holidays and declared he was getting back together with his ex-wife.
Just. Fucking. Great.

I started writing again.

February 2009 - Celebrated V-day with some girlfriends and I got delightfully polluted. LOL!! It was really a wonderful way to take my mind off of men. Which, by the way, I consider to be arrogant pigs.

March 2009 - St. Patty's day was fun! Didn't do a whole lot, and my Irish blood was disappointed, but whatev. I'm not a big partying type of girl anyhow. LOL! I went to Momocon with Connor and Kelsey, and then started working more on my latest costume idea. We had a blast at this tiny little con at GA Tech. The three of us were dressed out as Hellsing characters, and it was FUN. :D

Connor and I are going to be the Solo twins from the LoTF series for Dragon*Con and I'm SUPER STOKED!!!! I also plan on premiering my new costume at D*C too this year. It's going to be HARD, but I'm already partially started on it. :)

April 2009 - Got more paperwork filled out for school and mailed in. I'm appealing to have the grades from Fall 2006 dropped from my transcript, because as some of you know, that semester was a doozy for me and my family.
Other than that, not much else has been happening. I'm preparing to take a May semester again like I did last year, but I'll be taking SIX, check it, SIX hours, so GSU can't screw me over for the fall. LOL!
I shouldn't be there much longer. HOPEFULLY by the end of the summer, I'll be closer to getting to UGA. *crosses fingers and prays*

I also saw a physical therapist about my wrist, finally. There's either a cyst, or a wad of scar tissue that is preventing me from really being able to move the joint, and this is the direct result of why I'm not been able to do college gymnastics. I'm going to have surgery over the summer to have that removed so I can move it again. I fully plan to be back in the gym training so I can get myself back in shape. I'm seriously considering, like, seriously considering trying out for cheerleading at GSU. I figure it'll be a good thing, because all I've been doing has been looking at that school negatively for so long. This will be a welcome change. :)

SO!!! That's what's been up with me! I haven't died, I promise. LOL!!!

Aug. 26th, 2008


I think I'm dreaming...

My American Literature professor, (my new one) is a Bleach cosplayer, and she speaks Japanese.
But she's not Asian. She's a crazy black woman who strongly reminds me of the ex-Cadmus leader from JLU. (Someone throw her name at me? I can't remember it...:P)


She's going to Dragon*Con! I can't believe this! I mean....just WOW.


I've been toying with ideas all night long (because Kayli's an insomniac vampire who gets up at 5am every day to go work out...) and I've added another possible costume for Sunday.
Jaina's Darknest costume based on the cover of Joiner King.

Yeah. I'm thinking about it. Seriously.
And yes Cody, before you ask, I will let you play with the purple lightsaber. But if you break it, super ninja or not, I will break you. XDDDD

I'm a little crazy right now from the lack of sleep and too much happening this morning, so I apologize too in advance if I sound a bit...odd. *laughs*

I've got auditions tonight for GA State's fall production, "How I Learned to Drive." I've heard that it's a hilarious theater piece, but I've also skimmed over the script. ...main character, Lil Bit, has a sexual relationship with her pedophilic...uncle-in-law?
...yeah. It's wierd. But the script is funny as hell. I think I could pull her off and somehow keep myself from screaming at the absuridity of it all, only because I know how the play ends, and I LIKE IT. XD
Lil Bit is a straightforward, "I'll kick you in your face if you mess with me" type of girl, and she knows what she wants...sort of. I like her. Problem is, with some of her lines, I'm left confuzzeled about her ethnicity. She seems white...but still. I dunno. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
The uncle-in-law, Peck, has been pre-cast, so I'm kind of curious...all right I'm really curious to see if he's at least...good looking or not. That'd make my job a HELL of a lot easier. *snorts*

But anyway. The audition isn't until tonight...around 9-ish. So I gotta just get through the day today. But excitement is like...I dunno, buzzing through my veins. I blame that partially on the fact that I've hardly slept at all and spent a good hour in the gym this morning kicking my own ass.

All right, random mind expunging completed.

..for now, at least. XD

I'm gonna go grab some food then maybe a nap before my next class. (Which is Theater...YAY!)
Hope everyone's having a great day!

Take care, and May the Force Be With You!!!!!!

Aug. 24th, 2008

Obi-Wan Happy Dance Yo


All of my crazy friends who are sci-fi geeks and gamers...

I want to go to Dragon*Con SO FREAKING BADLY this year.
But finances have me completely bound.
I've been looking at old costume photos and con photos from last year, and my heart is aching. I do NOT want to miss this con! I've turned against all other conventions, mainly because they're anime, but I love Dragon*Con.

If I went, it would probably be sometime Sunday, when I could slip away from responsibility and all that jazz. I mean, Friday would be a better day too because I'm done with school by noon, and I would already have a place to park my car and all....*taps her chin thoughtfully*
I just don't have money for a badge this year, and that really really rots.

If I went too, I wouldn't have anything new to showcase costume-wise. I've got my YJK Jaina that I wouldn't mind bringing out again. I also have been thinking of trying to get my JL Supergirl costume completed, but I'm about halfway on that one with no new contacts yet...XP



I don't know what to do! School has been absolute HELL for me this past week, and I know I'm going to need to bust my butt next week to make up for it. But still, this is Dragon*Con we're talking about here!

I need thoughts.
and a HELL of a lot of good positive encouragement to steamroller the strict "responsibility" guilt cloud hanging over my head...

Aug. 21st, 2008

Bob Marley

Star Wars is my heroin.

It's what kept me from breaking down today.

Because today was quite possibly one of the most stressful ones I've had since last summer.

I got a letter from Georgia State after I got home yesterday telling me that I was kicked out of school...again.
There was no rhyme or reason explained for it in the letter, other than the polite excuse that "it had to be done." So I get on the phone and call down to the advisement office to demand to speak with my adviser.

No one answers.

Bad mix-up + Pissed off and boarder-line panic-attack Kayli = ALL SORTS AND LEVELS OF BAD.

So, I hop back in my car and haul ass back down to school before the advisement office closes. It was still within walk-in hours, so I signed in quick. The girl behind the desk decided to get smart with me, sassily saying that I only had a couple minutes til walk-ins were closed. I stared right through her and said that I wanted to speak with my adviser. Now.
The...confrontation started with her looking my information up on the system, and she snapped that excluded students had no right to come in and talk with their advisors until all the correct paperwork had been filled out. I.e., another letter of appeal written and stamped and all that jazz.
I had to hold myself back from flipping over that counter and decking her in the face.
Instead, I gritted my teeth and said shortly, "I'm not on exclusion. There has been a mistake. I am here to fix it. Now call down to her office so I can go speak with her, because if you don't, I'll just walk myself down there."
She copped an attitude with me and I shut her ass down quick. I know most of you know that black girls usually love getting in each other's faces, and their attitudes are enough to cause a scene whereever they are. But I shut this one up so fast all she could do was glare at me.

Fast forward about an hour later...and I'm leaving the academic office with a relieved smile.

The problem was that in the short mini-semester I took back in May, they considered that a "summer semester", and while I was taking TWO classes (in a 3-week long period, I might add) I only had a grand total of 5 hours, instead of the SIX that is apparently required.
So that's what was up.
But the fucking school system dropped me from ALL of my classes.
And it took them until this MORNING to get them all back.

Two of my classes were lost, (BOTH my English courses) and in the process of getting my classes back, the administration had to shuffle me around because they couldn't get back my original classes. So now my times and professors have been changed, and I'm REALLY not happy.

So instead of getting to school this morning and going to my first class, I had to go deal with idiotic advisement people but had to be all nice and polite even though I was getting screwed in the ass again.

It was one rotten morning.

And as I was studying...(killing a good 3 hours before my next class) I started doing some thinking. This will be my first year not going to Dragon*Con. I really really want to go, but I don't have the money this year and I've not worked on any of my costumes for it either. Nothing is planned, nothing is ready...and I'm broke from car expenses.
*sighs heavily*

But I'm going to really miss the Rebel Legion photoshoot. Man, that was so much fun last year. =(

I don't know what to do. I have to go tackle the huge pile of homework that I have.

*salutes with a pathetic wave*

See ya

Aug. 18th, 2008

Black and white rose

Saying goodbye to Summer...

20 minutes left of my three-month long summer vacation.

20 minutes left of being lazy...carefree.

20 minutes left of having nothing to worry about...

20 minutes left of being stress-free.

This summer has been one of the best ones of my life! So many fantastic things, so many amazing places and spending time with my close friends has been wonderful.
I will look back on it with a smile, knowing that despite the woes and stresses of the school year, I'll have some happy places to go to, memories to revisit, and photos to look back upon.

20 minutes left of summer...

But 20 minutes until the next adventure begins...

Have a fantabulous day everyone!
*blows kiss*


Aug. 13th, 2008

Fall down stairs...xD

Spoofs, sporks, almost in Forks!

I'm in SEATTLE!!!!! :D :D I'm not as close to Forks as I would like to be, but I still saw Mount Rainer from the plane this morning...and had a nice loud and obnoxious fangasm on the plane.

It's beautiful here! The signing was tonight, and although it was crazy as hell with all of the younger fans, it still was pretty all right. I'd much rather hang with my dear friends than listen to Twilight stuff I've already heard. :P
But you can still expect to see pictures very very soon. :D


From the people who brought you The Dark Knight spoof...comes....TWILIGHT!

I would love to meet these guys. They rock my socks. :D

Click and prepare to laugh your hiney's off.

Aug. 10th, 2008


My car would kick Alice's 911 Turbo in the a$$...

My new toyCollapse )
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Aug. 3rd, 2008


The hills are alive...with THE SOUND OF MUSIC!!!

All right, tonight had to be the MOST AMAZING NIGHT EVER!!!

Julie Andrews was here in Atlanta!!! :D

My mom and I found out about it late this evening from an article in the local paper. So we hopped in the car and raced to the new Verizon Wireless Ampitheater. The concert was to promote Julie Andrew's book, "Simeon's Gift", which was adapted into a musical.
OH MY GOSH I couldn't believe that we were really going to see her!!!

She has been my acting inspiration. I learned how to do an British accent by watching her films as a child, and I always try to emulate her stage presense in every performance I have ever done. She has such confidence and a presense whilst she performs. She deserves every bit of the honor she recieves.

The tickets to her concert thankfully had not been sold out. So my mom and I stood in line and waited a good chunk of time to get them. 30 minutes and $120 later, we had our tickets and had found our seats. The introduction music for "The Sound of Music" was being played by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (and YES I had goosebumps!!!) Julie came out in a gorgeous gown that placed her at center attention. Not that anyone could have looked away from her in the first place! lol!
I sang along quietly while no one else was and my mom gripped my hand, whispering excitedly, "That's REALLY Julie Andrews up there!!!"

The concert was beautiful!! I had tears running down my cheeks towards the end as she closed the event up by singing Edelweiss. The whole audience sang along, and I doubt very seriously that my heart could've been happier.
It was a moment I never ever wanted to end.

The downside to all of this is that I wasn't allowed to take my camera in with me, so I have no photos to show you lovelies. I'm truly truly sorry, because I would have WISHED to show everyone just how amazing tonight was.
But I hardly think that with mere images Julie Andrew's amazingness could be captured. You all know how incredible she is. ;)

So all in all, today was a pretty DAMN good day. :D

Breaking Dawn sucked to all hell, which was BAD.

I got my new laptop though, and that was VERY VERY GOOD!


I got to SEE and HEAR Julie Andrews sing LIVE for the very first time since she'd had throat surgery about 12 years ago.
And of course THAT was just PURELY FANTASTIC!!! :D :D

Jul. 27th, 2008

Supergirl is made of AWESOME

Writer's Block: Last Call

You are on a plane that's about to crash. You have time to make ONE phone call. Who do you call and what do you say?

I call Edward, if he weren't already sitting next to me with a smug smile on his face, and I would tell him that he was right.

Let us hope that the "Black Box" at least survives.

Jul. 15th, 2008

Supergirl is made of AWESOME


I just thought that since it's been a million years or so since I've posted here, that I'd say hello!

Life has been crazy. Like, in every sense and meaning of the word!

Finished with school for the summer, (duh) and working full time at a summer camp. The munchkins are crazy and they drive me nuts but they're good kids. :D I don't think I'll EVER understand though why Mamma Renee chooses to be a Kindergarten teacher. I mean, these guys drain your every last ounce of energy on a daily basis! XDD

I'm glad summer is here. I've needed to get a break. But now that I've been off of school, I'm ready to go back again. The lack of responsibility is making me edgy...lol!


And I'm 21 now!!! :D

You've no idea how OLD I feel now. X_X But hey, I'm legal to drink, that's all that's changed. XD

Kasey, Andrea and I are all going to be going to the Seattle Concert signing. Which is going to be pure fun and lots of madness.
I absolutely cannot wait!!! :D

Anyway, it's so late right now. I'm dead tired.

Expect another update sometime soon. ;)

In the meantime, I bid thee all well, a heartfelt goodbye!

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